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In the last decade, the wireless communications industry, has stimulated and enjoyed economic growth that has been nothing less than astonishing. New Millennium Consultants clients have emerged as part of the infrastructure helping to revolutionize the delivery of information. Our clients are diverse – from Fortune 500 Corporations to leading Telecom players, as well as small and ambitious entrepreneurial concerns. They all share the same objective, to become or maintain market leadership in this wireless economy.


Adelphia Business Solutions

ABS needed assistance in developing a strategic sales and marketing plan for the launch of broadband telecommunications services in Detroit, MI. NMC conducted telephone survey of potential customers to determine their needs and expectations of a telecommunications company, from which we developed strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats analysis, (SWOT). The overall information was integrated into a strategic sales & marketing plan.



Acterna sought to develop a closer technical relationship with manufacturers of wireless phones to enable them to provide their customers, wireless service provides, with a better revenue assurance product. NMC advanced the relationship by developing key contacts at each of the companies. We designed an agreement that covers the license and intellectual property needs of both parties.

The Auto Club Group

AAA of Michigan engaged the services of NMC to provide its expertise in a business review and analysis of a pending wireless service contract with Verizon Wireless. NMC used its intimate knowledge of the wireless communications industry to analyze the wireless service, customer support, subscriber equipment options, system coverage area, joint promotional programs, and economics of the service offering and provided TACG with an independent business review of Verizon Wireless’s ability to meet the goals and objectives established in the contract.


Adams Outdoor Advertising

Adams Outdoor desired a strategy to approach the wireless service providers in the Great Lakes Region. That would enable them to acquire more of the available advertising funds used to promote wireless services. NMC designed a strategy that allowed Adams to promote their strength in outdoor advertising in the region, with the benefit the wireless services providers would gain by the partnership.


ArvinMeritor, Inc.

ArvinMeritor sought a wireless service provider to partner with to provide the wireless communications capability that would allow them to communicate with their employees who traveled worldwide. They sought Wireless service providers who could meet a worldwide commitment to the company. NMC provided AM with a wireless communication review and analysis that evaluated each wireless service provider capabilities and made a recommendation as to which one would meet the needs of the company.


Planet Access

NMC provides sales, marketing and strategic business planning for this Competitive Local Exchange Carrier, (CLEC). NMC operates as a member of the executive management team providing business guidance to the CEO.


Interstate Communications, Inc.

Interstate Communications is a multiple location wireless dealer who wanted to expand their operation and represent all wireless service providers in the markets they served. NMC developed a business plan with Interstate that captured the attention of all the wireless service providers with its market specific plans for each provider and targeted markets, which allowed Interstate to become one of only a few dealers to represent competing wireless service providers.


Additional Clients:


ComNet Solutions Inc.

In-Touch Cellular Center

2 Farr Communications (Part of Mel Farr Automotive Group)

Universal Wireless

Halo Design Team

Gisstennar Mobile Auto Wash

Global Network Communications

Telecom 2000

EKS Environmental Consulting & General Contracting, L.L.C.

Peace Funeral Services

Smart Buy Cellular Service

Real-Time Wireless

Willtek Communications

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